20/09 2006

ishow [solo exhibition]


work performed: programming (vvvv, max/msp), exhibits, concept, design, 3d visualization



presentation of mixed media installations about time, space and memory.

selected art works using computers, video recordings and various software. three out of five installations react on the situation in the exhibition space itself and contain contemporary social and political issues for example the matter of dispute about the western reactions on north koreans nuclear programm and their pretended testings in september 2006.



exhibition from 20. - 28. september 2006

the space gallery

gang-nam, seoul/korea, 2006



list of works:


the sphere (digital ready made):

custom-made software, open gl 3D object, found footage video and sound file, mac mini, video projector, loudspeakers


cº (interactive video installation):

custom-made software, real time video graphics, temperature sensor, sensorbox, various interfaces, mac mini, video projector


video dreams (1 channel video installation):

real time video recordings, dvd, dvd player, hd flatscreen, loudspeakers


moments (3 channel video installation):

highspeed video recordings, dvd random script programming, 3 dvd players, 3 flatscreens, loudspeakers


surveillance machine (realtime video installation):

custom-made software, live camera, mac mini, video projector, spot lights


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