01/01 2002

filmcubing [detemporalisation and dissociation of film sequences ]


work performed: programming (max/msp/nato0+55)



interactive video installation with motion tracking system

conception: david kleinl

realization: david kleinl, armin purkrabek, dominik rinnhofer

video programming, software: armin purkrabek

dimensions: ca.: 6m x 4m x 7m; 2,25m x 3m video projection

equipment: 2 x Macintosh G4 computers, video projector, video camera (0 lux), infra-red light,...

technology: motion tracking, max/msp/nato.0+55,...

© david kleinl 2002


on exhibition: hfg-karlsruhe, germany; vienna, austria; mannheim, germany;


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