01/01 2002

magnetstudie [interactive tele media installation]


work performed: programming (max/msp/nato0+55), concept, hardware realization



idea and realization of a tele media installation.

inside a tv monitor three electric magnets are placed directly on the cathode ray tube. the sound of the tv channel gets analysed by a software and controls thru its data stream the power of the electric magnets. this results in magnetic distortions of the image field from very small (quiet parts) to very high (loud parts) distortions.


custom-made software, mac g4, tv monitor,

electric magnets, loudspeaker, light mixer,

dimmer, midi interface


developed at the university of arts and design (hfg) karlsruhe, germany

exhibited in germany and poland at ars mediale, krakow

cooperation: phillip schulze

year: 2002


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