01/01 2000

videodreams [interactive video systems]


work performed: programming (max/msp/nato0+55), concept, live performance



concept and realization of real time video projections for different club environments.

basis material of the video works are found footage sequences from popular music videos and/or pre-recorded videos. by a custom-made software the video sequences are re-arranged in real time according to the live sounding music. popular video images are combined with more or less popular music to create a new form of audio visual culture.

year: 2000-2008



some video examples:




live video performances (selection):


space place, frankfurt/germany

ultraschall, munich/germany

n8.strom remixed, vienna/austria

marienmühle, graz/austria

club fluc, vienna/austria

cselley mühle, oslip/austria

house of design, nancyhalle, karlsruhe/germany

halle_02, heidelberg/germany

suite 212, stuttgart/germany

hd800, mannheim/germany

thienfeld, graz/austria

das veilchen, graz/austria

postgarage, graz/austria

stromgitarren, landesmuseum mannheim/germany

club tool, seoul/south korea


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